Our unique selling proposition

High quality plants and exceptional customer service are the cornerstones of our and your success. But there’s more.

What sets us apart is our unique packaging and branding which give our customers a point of differentiation in a highly competitive market. How do we achieve this?

  1. Our product brands are never found at mass market vendors, giving independents a valuable competitive advantage.
  2. Our packaging makes it easy to create eye catching displays, themes and endcaps, helping generate impulse purchases
  3. Our brands and packaging adds perceived value and increases customer confidence that they are making good choices

Our goal is to become an integral and trusted part of your team. We want you to be successful with our products, so our businesses can both grow and prosper. We’ve been doing this with independent garden centres from coast to coast for over 35 years.

Of course, none of this matters if product isn’t there when you need it. That’s why we’ve invested in systems and logistics that quickly and accurately turn your orders into on-time deliveries by our friendly and helpful drivers.  Over 99% of our deliveries arrive on time, on the day we promise!

Finally, we value long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors and our customers. We think our customers are wonderful people, and we think, blushing, that we’re pretty nice people too!

The Proof is in the Numbers

Our customers keep coming back time after time because we deliver.

  1. Consistent Quality: Our credit note history (2016 credits issued for plants shipped with quality issues) across both Ontario and British Columbia nurseries was a mere .186% (1.5 out of every 800 flats shipped).  We take quality seriously! 
  2. Innovation:  For 2017, Ontario is introducing 141 new varieties.  BC is introducing 119 new varieties.  If we don’t innovate, you can’t differentiate and sell more.
  3. Broad Selection: In 2017 our Ontario nursery will offer 1,291 varieties (almost 1,400 products) and our BC nursery will offer 1,756 varieties (over 2,000) products.  More selection keeps your customers coming back.

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