My other suppliers called asking why I wasn’t ordering. I told them someone else is doing a better job.

Jeff Bokma, Vermeer’s Garden Centre, Welland, ON

Great experience with you overall. Keep up the great work!

Marlene Mastronardi, Anna’s Flowers, Kingsville, ON

Valleybrook perennials never stay in the garden center for very long.

Jeanette Gould, Gali’s Florist & Garden Center, Beachwood, OH

Valleybrook has always been a reliable source for perennials! They have high standards for ensuring quality healthy plants are of top priority; which makes ordering lots very easy. I love their order forms and speedy acknowledgements! Friendly staff are notable – from the sales team and pleasant office staff to the drivers always lending a helping hand to unload.

Julie Clancy, Belgian Nurseries, Breslau, ON

I enjoy having Heritage Perennials at my stores – when the carts start rolling in I know more colour is about to hit the benches.  Customers start shopping off the carts!  Satisfied customers…including me.

Colleen Zimmermann, Terra, GTA

We get the best service from our Valleybrook rep ! He goes out of his way to find us the ‘treasures’ keeps us up to date on all of Valleybrook’s newest brands and concepts.

I find it fascinating that at the end of the perennial selling season, there are very few blue pots sitting on our benches!

Thomas Hobbs, Southlands Nursery, Vancouver BC

We’re always impressed with the consistent, high-quality product we receive from Valleybrook.

Martha Reid, Southview Greenhouse, Sudbury, ON

In a time of increasing homogenization in the horticulture industry, Valleybrook is a standout for maintaining their integrity as a discerning perennial grower offering a wide selection of the best varieties of perennials, grasses, herbs, veggies and groundcovers for the contemporary  gardener. We are proud to be able to offer their excellent plants to our customers.

Alex LaVilla, Swanson’s Nursery, Seattle, WA

What’s the best way to satisfy eager gardening customers on a busy spring weekend?  Have a fresh load of Valleybrook perennials ready to sell from your benches!! The product speaks for itself.

We have been dealing with Tony, who is our sales representative with Valleybrook, for many years and have received nothing but reliable, knowledgeable and trusted advice.

Quality plant material, colourful posters and informative tagging all combine to provide our customers with perennials we are proud to sell.

Deb and Bob Hudson, Burrows Country Store, North Bay, ON

We LOVE Valleybrook for so many reasons, for their:

  • Interesting plant list with exciting new introductions
  • Excellent plant quality
  • Blue pots that set them apart
  • Fabulous support from the sales team for anything from courteous and timely communication
  • Spending time in our retail nursery during the busy spring season to chat with our customers and help us sell plants
  • Fun and innovative ideas that are relevant and timely
  • We also love their www.perennials.com website with such a vast database of perennials and their needs
  • Their Excel spreadsheet Availability makes it so much easier to shop their availabilities and saves me time

Valleybrook is very committed to helping US be successful, and we think that is the ultimate in customer service!

Kate, Molbak’s Garden & Home, Woodinville, WA

The plants look fantastic!! Thank you!

Maggie Roberts, Roberts Farm Market, Medina, NY

The quality of plants is consistently above average.

Marg Connell, Blomidon Nurseries, Wolfville, NS

Our order just arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! Just wanted you to know how pleased I am!

Julie Plarr, Lockwood’s Greenhouses, Hamburg, NY

Customers are drawn to the heritage brand because of the size, health and presentation of the products. The creative, colourful signs and promotional products grab consumer’s attention and imagination. It’s nice to have branded products that live up to high quality standards so consumers are never left disappointed. Full, healthy plants and large diversity of varieties make heritage perennials a favourite amongst consumers.

Cara, Sunnyside Greenhouses Ltd., Calgary, AB

Our customers are looking for plants that are different and unique, Valleybrook makes those available.

Joan Difruschia, Johnstons Greenhouse, Peterborough, ON

We are always excited to see the Valleybrook truck pull in because the stock is always so beautiful.

Janelle Bouman, Lucan Country Gardens, Lucan, ON

You are always there when I need you! If you are not a part of Valleybrook programs you are missing the boat. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Valerie Wylie, Glen Echo Nurseries, Caledon East, ON

Reliable delivery, great plants, easy to unload, very well received by our retail customers.

Joan Johnston, Peter Knippel Nursery, Ottawa, ON

Hey Tony, everything looks fantastic.

Lenny Triggiani, Kennedy Greenhouses, Markham, ON

We received the plants and we were so pleased with the quality.

Diane MacDonald. MacDonald Gardens, Sydney, NS

Although we sell all of Valleybrook plant sizes, my customers particularly like the 3.5″ pots that enable them to sample new and exciting cultivars. In these cash conscious times people are reluctant to spend large dollars on the current explosion of new plants. Letting customers mix plants in discounted flats gives them a chance to try the new cultivars without a lot of monetary risk.

Bob Johannes, Shrubs-n-Stuff, Bethel Park, PA

The company feels like a family. Large enough to operate but small enough to care. The sales staff seems to know what I want before I want it. Quality, there is nothing else comparable. I can always trust what is coming in is top notch material.

Tanya Olson, Royal City Nurseries, Guelph, ON

All of us at Prospector’s Nursery love to see that Valleybrook Gardens truck roll into the parking area. We are like kids in a candy store; vying for our spot to be first to look at the plant material. Customers love the unique plant material as much as we do. Some will even wait for the Ag inspector to arrive so they can take their selected plant material straight off the truck. We can’t wait to see what is available for next year.

Cassie, Prospector’s Nursery, Nevada City, CA

We derive a good deal of satisfaction when dealing with Valleybrook. From our vantage point you have the benefits of great, well motivated staff coupled with first rate product. We hold you in the highest regard.

Carl Brooker, Brookwood Gardens, St. Catharines, ON

There’s always a shadow of concern when a plant delivery arrives, but not with Valleybrook. You are so stinkin consistent!

Kathy Kepler, Sara’s Garden Center, Brockport, NY

I have been buying from Valleybrook Gardens since 1989. I enjoy the new varieties and selection while the quality is always good. The Heritage picture tags are informative and useful when selling. Customer service has always been an invaluable source of information when selecting plant material.

Briar Howes, Little Gardens Ltd., Parry Sound, ON

Thanks again – loving all the fabulous plant material, getting great customer feedback on how healthy the plants are as well as the excellent plant selection we have to offer. It makes my job so much easier when plants can sell themselves.

Tina Orlowski, New Roots Garden Centre, Newmarket, ON

A great big thank you. It is a pleasure to deal with you and your company. Very professional and I find your services from all ends very professional.

Syd Antler, Antler Services, Brantford, ON

Your drivers are excellent representatives of your company. They are who we see and interact with every week. They are professional and friendly.

Bob Manning, Bristols Garden Center, Victor, NY