Our Nurseries

British Columbia

Our original nursery in Abbotsford produces a wide range of over 2,000 products, with perennials our number one focus.  Our production areas are spread out over 25 acres, with over 5 acres (21,000 sq M) of protected growing area. We serve hundreds of customers from BC to Manitoba, and the Pacific Northwest USA.  Our customers represent the best of our industry.  Our team consists of almost 100 employees during our busy spring season, and approximately 20 year round.   Our long serving employees at both nurseries represent hundreds of years of combined experience growing high quality plants.


We’ve been at our current location near Niagara-on-the-Lake since 1993, after our business outgrew two previous rental locations.  Our modern production facilities spread out over a 30 acre site, with over 8 acres (33,000 sq. M) of protected growing area.  It takes an incredible and dedicated team of well over 100 employees to pick and ship our wide range of perennials to hundreds of customers in Ontario and the North East USA every spring. Our core 25 year round staff keep the nursery running and ready for the next season.

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