"Just a quick note to say THANKS SO MUCH for all that you do for us! We can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know that we have you guys on our team! Your “product readiness” indicator on the weekly availability makes purchasing so much easier! And your HOTLIST is a HUGE help as well! Far more valuable to us though, is the quality of your product. We fully trust that the product that you ship us meets every standard and then some! The selection and variety that you offer makes it easy to fulfill all of our customer requests. Your staff is always ready, willing and able to help every time we call. You’re all a pleasure to deal with! A special thanks to Tracy for all of her help throughout the year! What a GREAT resource that girl is! Thank you so much Tracy for coming out to do seminars at our store for us – our customers LOVED them! A great job done by ALL of you! Your team is outstanding – thank you for everything that you do for us!"

Chris Hebel and Haidi Hamilton: York Nursery Ltd., Kitchener